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If G-d is the ultimate Healer, why do we intervene?

A common question that is asked by many people, especially in today's world with vaccines being such a hot topic, is simply: who are we to influence the will of G-d? If G-d Himself brings healing to all afflictions, why do we feel that there needs to be "prevention" at all? By taking vaccines, are we implying that we do not trust the will of G-d?

We hear you.
And we've done our research.

Though we do not claim to be religious leaders or scholars, we have carefully sought out only the purest information regarding vaccines and Jewish life from the best sources.

לחסן אותנו, לחסן אותנו

הו מקור הריפוי בכוחה הקדוש של האהבה

Here's what we found.

Are Vaccines Kosher?

Vaccines have no issue of Kashrut because they are injected, and not taken orally. Kashrut law states that only material ingested by mouth must be kosher, therefore receiving an injection is not the same as ingesting orally and is permitted.

What Does the Torah Say Regarding Vaccines?

Jewish Man in Synagogue

The Rebbe and the gedolim have endorsed vaccines and openly stated that they must be accepted. The Torah states "Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor." (Leviticus 19:16) which demonstrates the necessity for public health and protection of each other--which is essentially the crux of vaccination. 

Though it was originally drafted in regards to the CoVID-19 pandemic, read this Q&A from Rabbi Micah Peltz and the Rabbinical Assembly for more information on Torah and Halacha rule:

The Rebbe and Vaccines

The Rebbe has openly encouraged parents to vaccinate their children at any age. He states, "There can be no separation between the spheres of knowledge; science, acoustics, mathematics, religion and philosophy are all one entity. The formulas for their unification already exist; they are awaiting someone to merit their discovery." (M. Schneerson, 2003).

Reading Torah

לחסן את ליבנו באומץ

Peer Pressure--What if Everyone Around me Is Vaccinating but I'm Not Sure Yet?

להזריק את הנשמה שלנו בחמלה לאהבה

It can be difficult to make a decision quickly in the presence of fear. However, the Rebbe says, " this country it is customary to vaccinate all the children." ( He also states that if a parent has any further medical questions regarding vaccines and their effects, they should consult with their physician, as the doctor has the Torah-given right to administer medical advice. 

Rabbi Eliashiv (1910-2012) stated that if a parent does not vaccinate their children, it is considered negligent.

Read more about these statements and Rabbinical teachings regarding vaccines here:

Is There a Blessing to be Said Before Taking a Vaccine?

Jewish Man Praying

There is! It is the prayer for medicine and medical procedures, which includes vaccines. The prayer is as follows:

"May it be Your will that this vaccine shall bring healing."

יתכן ורצונך הוא שחיסון זה יביא לריפוי

We give this blessing to G-d in recognition that the vaccine being given will provide, not only ourselves or our children but the world as a whole, healing from a particular dangerous disease that the immunization is working to fight.

And that is what this entire project is about--healing our world for all.

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