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There is a Rift Between Our Community and Access to Care.

The CoVID-19 pandemic made it clearer than ever.
The Jewish community has historically been afflicted by deadly communicable diseases at a higher rate than our neighbors.
It leaves us with the question, what can be done?

Tikkun Olam through Vaccination is an organization seeking to bridge that gap and make receiving protection from the deadly diseases easier for our community to obtain.

Who We Are, How We Serve You

We are doctors, physician assistants, nurses, medical professionals, and students who are eager to protect Jewish children with lifesaving medicine. We work to give you the most true and accurate medical information and offer concurrently supportive religious-based references. Our goal is to provide your family with every possible resource in order to help your child obtain their CDC-recommended vaccinations.

It's about protecting them.
It's about protecting the community.
It's about protecting humanity.

Please browse our site for further information and for answers to commonly asked questions regarding faith and science.

Together we will bridge faith and science, and be true demonstrators of Tikkun Olam.

Where our claims, research, and ideas come from: read the full research paper written by our founder here--

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